The Proceedings of the Goshen Conference are published by Pandora Press. The series is edited by Carl Helrich of Goshen College. A listing of the year / conference topic / keynote speaker(s) follows. Where no link is shown, the proceedings have not yet been published.

Edited by Carl S. Helrich, Goshen College.
2001. Religion and Science: God, Evolution and the Soul, by Nancey Murphy.
2002. A Universe of Ethics, Morality, and Hope, by George F.R. Ellis.
2003. The Dialogue Between Religion and Science, by Antje Jackelén.
2004. Purpose, Evolution and the Mystery of Life, by John F. Haught.
2005. Cosmology, Evolution, and Resurrection Hope, by Robert John Russell.
2006. Religion-and-Science as Spiritual Quest for Meaning, by Philip Hefner.
2007. Evolution of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Life, by Ted Peters.
2008. Science and Origins: Probing the Deeper Questions, by Holmes Rolston III.
2009. The Limits of Perfection, by Noreen Herzfeld.
2010. Evolution after the Religious Wars, by Phil Clayton.
2011. Worrying About Evolution, by Owen Gingerich.
2012. Re-imaging the Divine Image: Humans and Other Animals, by Celia Deane-Drummond.
2013. Becoming Human: Weaving Together Genetics and Personhood, by Gayle Woloschak.
2014. Human Uniqueness and the Image of God: Bridging Biology and Theology through the Hebrew Concept of Election, by Joshua Moritz.
2015. Interdisciplinary Theology and the Archeology of Personhood, by Wentzel van Huyssteen.
2016. Religion and Environment: The Case of Judaism, by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson.
2017. Deep Incarnation: From Cosmos to Commitment, by Niels Henrik Gregersen.
2018. Islam’s Quantum Challenge: Living islam in the Age of Science, by Muzaffar Iqbal.
2019. Christians, Climate, and Culture: Relationships, Tensions and Resolutions, by Katherine Hayhoe.
2020. In Whose Image? Perspectives from Intersections of Brain Science and Abrahamic Mindfulness, by Michael Spezio.
2021. – No conference –
2022.Trauma and the Environment: How Then Shall We Live?, by Ann Pederson and Jennifer Gubbels.
2023.The Varieties of Spiritual Experience, by Andrew Newberg.